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Covid-19 And Our Mental Health: Tips To Wellbeing And Survival

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
Get the latest live updates about the Coronavirus Pandemic

The rhythm of life in recent times since the COVID-19 outbreak begun has been nothing but uncomfortable. We have heard about people getting infected and others sadly dying in huge numbers daily. This period has been stressful, scary and anxiety provoking. I have observed with keen interest many videos flooding social media, some witty to make us laugh through these rather strange times, some challenging, some strange and others quite delusional. People are asserting conspiracy theories which in the immediate past would have been considered totally unsound. In fact, it will appear the current situation is revealing people’s predisposition to poor mental

It is a well-known fact that infectious diseases outbreak like covid-19 can cause fright situations and ‘fear induced overactive behaviour’. You could follow these few wellbeing tips to keep a relatively good mental health in these rather awkward times;

Avoid speculation
Rumour and speculation is spreading more fear, anxiety and stress. Our mobile phones and TV’s are flooded daily with lots of rumour and speculation from individuals, some very sound others very unsound. Please avoid these and look up information from trusted, reputable sources.

Follow hygiene advice
Washing your hands more often than usual with soap, water, applying sanitizer, not touching your face as well as keeping to social distancing is the best way to keep safe. It is acceptable to have OCD symptoms at this time and it is not unfriendly or rude to stay two meters or more apart when talking to people!

Reassure yourself
It is fine to feel vulnerable during these challenging times. Reassure yourself every morning and feel hopeful. Positively affirm that things will get better. ‘This too shall pass’, like everything else!

Find Balance
If watching the news is causing you more stress, think carefully about how often you watch the news. Constantly searching for updates could get you depressed and cause you more stress and anxiety. It is perfectly fine to

want to know what is going on but if it is bothering you and tipping you off the edge, don’t watch it. Watch a movie, read a book, find a new hobby, a good time to bond with your children and spouses, do something you enjoy.

Find balance and keep sane.
Stay in touch and friends and Family
Keeping in touch with people you love can keep you sane but don’t sensationalise things by sharing videos or news that could cause them stress and anxiety. Video calling, skyping, zooming, house partying online with friends and family decreases your risks of isolation very significantly. Stay social, stay in touch but consider muting, unfollowing

or unfriending people or accounts that cause you panic and anxiety.

Help others if you can
Helping others in times of need and crisis could be therapeutic however; please obey social distancing rules as this protects you and others. Pay attention to your own needs and stay safe.

Show compassion and empathy towards others
Research has shown that having compassion and empathy could have a tremendous effect that may reach around the world. Compassion and empathy is about getting rid of negative behaviours and improving our positive thinking that could have a significant impact on others. This means stopping the stigma and demonization of COVID-19 patients. Showing empathy and compassion could improve other people’s mental health too!

Stay positive and hopeful
Epidemics have come and gone. There have been lots of recoveries from

COVID-19 cases around the world. Remember hope is
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