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Movie Review: Victor Olukoju’s KNOTTED [A Movie On Gender Equality]

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
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A good story is one that is unpredictable and suspense-filled. These qualities are ingrained in KNOTTED, a movie written and directed by Victor Olukoju PVO. From the first scene till the last, there was a systematic narration of the plight of women in the Nigerian society, the judgementalism of religious leaders, the mystery of life, and the divine act of forgiveness.

In some parts of the country, the value of a mother is attached to having a male child. If a married woman hasn't conceived a male child she is despised and ridiculed by her in-laws. The extended family pressures her husband who in turn transfers the pressure to his wife. This causes the woman to devised means to save her home.

By comparison, being divorced or unmarried is worse than being married without a male issue — no woman wants to be in either situation — she must salvage her pride. The playwright, Victor Olukoju PVO, was apt in portraying Omowumi — (the woman who swapped another woman's baby-son for her baby-daughter) — as desperate because that is what the society forced her to be. It was this act that singularly twisted the storyline.

Another theme from the movie is the judgementalism of religious leaders. Religious leaders are humans, so they're are equally susceptible to making mistakes like every other person. The movie cautions opinionated religious leaders not to be quick to judge. Even the Christian Bible says in the book of James chapter 1 verse 19: "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: (KJV)."

In Nigerian society, families confide in religious leaders and rely wholeheartedly on their advice. After all, these leaders are knowledgeable about the ways of God and possess the wisdom of Solomon. Some families benefit from listening to spiritual fathers, while some are very unlucky and fall into the hands of conmen and false prophets. Even with leaders that are trustworthy and authentic, some families are ruined by fanatics.

Religious leaders, as depicted in the movie, are usually overconfident because of their vast knowledge of the scriptures. They are quick to speak and slow to hear — slow to hear from God. They conclude with a singular scriptural verse and condemn the mistake of their followers. This is what Pastor Adams did and almost destroyed the Cole's family. The elders of churches are also culpable, they judge harshly and base their assessment of issues on rumours without visiting the 'astray' sheep.

In contemporary times, there are disintegrated homes as a result of the dictates of this kind of leaders. The case of the Cole's family is one of divine sustenance and not every family have this. Religious leaders should take a cue from this; lead as directed by God and communicate with members that have erred in the faith.

Life is dynamical unpredictable like a movie. A promising child can have her future stolen from her at an early age as in the case of young Mrs Cole. A wedding to hold in three weeks time can be cancelled because a secret about one's background was discovered as in the case of Tara Cole. A peaceful, united and sane family can become a chaotic, separated and insane one in a very short time as seen in the case of the Cole's family. A boy can be reunited with his biological mother at a mature age as in the case of the Doctor. Inside life, good and evil play out. It is a balance that must be.

The playwright, Victor Olukoju PVO, narrates through this movie that whatever the case is, good will certainly prevail. Life should not be ended because one is facing difficulty in life. There is life after death and life doesn't end hanging on a rope nor does it end when love ones doubt your chastity.

Finally, the theme of forgiveness. People pray to God for forgiveness, but are obstinate to forgive when offended — it's ironic. In the case of Mrs Cole, Randy the beast committed an "unforgivable" offense. He killed her parents right in their home. She decided to forget this incident and never to forgive the man who ruined her childhood. So, when Randy came apologising, Mrs Coles was justifiable to stand by her decision. But forgiveness is a divine act, Victor Olukoju depicted this perfectly in the movie. Tears will be shed and knees will bend, but the feeling of unburdening one's heart off hate is very much tranquil. Restitution and forgiveness must come from the heart on the part of the offender and offended, respectively.

Thank you for reading my reviews on the movie, KNOTTED. Contact me via [email protected] or call +2348037787666.

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